Are you looking to take your product to international markets?

Our International division brings over 15 years of experience in the distribution of infomercial and spot programming worldwide.

Advirtuoso communications, Inc works with established and leading marketers around the globe that can execute multi-channel distribution of your product via Direct Response TV, Live Home Shopping Channels, Retail, Print and Internet in countries all over the world.

Our international sales teams continuously travel the globe to open up new markets and sales opportunities by meeting with key distributors and exhibiting at overseas trade shows on your behalf.

We will handle all aspects of your international marketing efforts including: creating sales literature, exhibiting at trade shows overseas, sending promotional materials and samples, negotiating distributor agreements, arranging translations and foreign dubbing, product certification, international shipping, tracking and transportation logistics, and arranging international payments. We work on a commission basis as your sales agent, thereby reducing your risk and expense. You can save years learning about the international market landscape by taking advantage of our track record, relationships and expertise.